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An Incredibly Miniature Chess Set in a Beautiful Ring

A chess set in a ring! Absolutely Incredible!

Creating an amazing item requires thinking out of the box. This was how Joe Turner was able to craft this wonderful piece that features complete chess set in a ring. Joe Turner gave a silver ring another meaning by turning it into a chessboard.

Portrayed as one of the smallest chess set in the world, (if not the smallest), this incredible ring is made out of fossil ivory, ebony, and silver. The miniature chess pieces are carefully housed inside the ring, while the surface serves as the chessboard. With this beautiful ring, you can now enjoy your beautiful game of chess on the go.

Made From Silver, Ebony and Fossil Ivory

The classy ring and set of chess pieces are crafted from silver and topped off with a board made from fossil ivory and ebony. Thus, giving the ring its aesthetic value and durability. You will definitely fall in love with this piece instantly.

Carefully Crafted to Precision

In addition, the incredibly detailed and intricate chess set has been carefully crafted to serve both your fashion and chess-playing needs. The surfaces feature classic designs, and the whole ring has been precisely made to make sure every detail is as perfect as possible.

Comfortable Design

Also, the inner surface of the silver ring is pretty smooth. Whether you wear the ring daily or during occasions, you will feel really comfortable.

Play Chess On-The-Go

Furthermore, this incredible piece comes with a tiny chessboard on the surface that opens up to allow you to access the well-detailed miniature playing pieces. Thus, you can play your favorite game of chess, virtually anywhere you go when you own this tiny chess set ring.

Easy to Setup

Also, the miniature playing pieces are easy to set up. You only need to flip the ring’s top open, lay out the pieces, then hold still. This chess set ring remains the ultimate option in portable chess sets.

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