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Artist Turns Old CDs Into Stunning Animal Sculptures Instead Of Throwing Them Away

The imagination of artists to reuse and transform everyday objects into works of art seems to have no limits. Sean E Avery, a teacher, writer-illustrator, sculptor and designer who lives in Perth, Australia, is not lacking in creativity. He creates breathtaking animal sculptures using old CDs that people are throwing away.

I use kitchen scissors to cut the shapes I need out of the CDs, then arrange each shard by colour and size. I then hot glue those shards one-by-one to a wire mesh frame (that I shape by hand) to create a natural fur/feather pattern. My sculptures usually take a week to make, maybe longer depending on how motivated I am to get them done!

Many of his creations are in galleries and private collections.

Check out some of his beautiful creations below.

Hummingbird 9

Husky Pup


Fox cub

Humming bird

Baby Penguin


Rat 2

Panda 2

Walrus Mount

Panda 3


Peregrine Falcon

More info: Sean Avery

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