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Hypso 25 : A Comfy, Cozy Steampunk Bar And Restaurant In Romania

When you hear the word steampunk, what thoughts leap to your mind? You may picture an unsettling image of The Half-Face Man from the hit British TV series Dr. Who, antagonizing a breathless Clara Oswald with his mechanical stare. You may think of Captain Nemo, in search of the deadly narwhal sea beast on board his submarine the Nautilus. Both of these imaginings would be accurate. Steampunk is generally defined as a kind of futuristic science fiction as people living in the 19th century—the time settings of Dr. Who and Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under The Seas—might have envisioned it.

At the Hypso 25 coffee shop, bar and restaurant in Romania’s ancient city of Constanta, you’re going to envision things that way too. The bistro’s designers, 6th Sense interiors., make sure of it with a style heavily influenced by the works of nineteenth century author Jules Verne. You don’t walk into Hypso 25 so much as plunge, with instant transition to an 1870 realm of water and machines. From the jellyfish overhead lights rigged with twisty metallic tentacles to the clockwork copper skeletons of mechanical fish mounted within heavy Victorian frames. From the drinks served with small treasure chests to the telephone that resembles something Captain Nemo might use to shout orders to his harried crew. A visit to Hypso 25 is like a visit to a past the never was. A time dreamed but never realized. A world wished for and here at last obtained, if only for the length of your visit.

Designers 6th Sense interiors are no stranger to steampunk. He has created other such atmospheres for other locations in Romania, as well as Greece. For Hypso 25 he practices his expertise on a more cozy scale, bringing the influence of Jules Verne at times right up to the very tables at which visitors experience their stay.

That stay will be a happy one not only because of the design. Hypso 25 serves breakfast, lunch, drinks and coffee. A friendly, welcoming staff prepares your order with the care of a French novelist proofreading his magnum opus. Groups are welcome. So are children. Take out your order, or walk in without a reservation. At Hypso 25 it’s all about comfort food in a steampunk fantasy.

Hypso 25 is located in Constanta’s picturesque Ovidiu Square, the oldest part of a city founded in 600 BC. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or an evening drink, it makes for a perfect side-step into alternative history while you tour the sites and sounds of this wondrous metropolis on the edge of the Black Sea. For fans of steampunk, Jules Verne, or people who just love great food and a sublime cup of coffee, Hypso 25 will take you backward, forward, and backward again through an amazing atmosphere of futuristic history.

Address: Piata Ovidiu 11, bl A, sc. B, parter, Constanta, Romania

Hours: 8AM-11:30PM

Cuisine: Multi-cuisine

Specialties: Breakfast, lunch, drinks, coffees

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