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Japanese Artist Hand-Cuts incredible life-sized Octopus From A Single Sheet Of Paper

The art of paper cutting requires a high degree of patience and a steady hand. Japanese artist Masayo Fukuda has undoubtedly mastered this skill. In Japan it is called kirie (切り絵, literally ‘cut picture’), and traditional practice involves cutting out intricate shapes from a single sheet of paper, placing it in front of a black background to highlight the drawing by contrast.
Fukuda has been practicing kirie for 25 years and recently showed what she believes to be his best work of the year.
The octopus is the most impressive piece. Made from a single large sheet of paper, its details reveal the true skill of the artist.

For me, cutting pictures has become a way of dissipating all the stress of my daily life,” the Japanese artist told Bored Panda. “If you want to get started, all the basics you need are tant paper, a cutter, matte, and a good light source.

Masayo Fukuda: Website | Instagram | Twitter

h/T:  Bored Panda / My Modern Met

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