Romania’s Steampunk Cafe Is Geared For Beauty and Function

by Emporio Efikz
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Everywhere you look there is something new and amazing to see. The moment you step through the door you are instantly transfixed and don’t know to where to look first. It even takes a long moment for your mind to accept what it is actually seeing.

Metallic flowers on the ceiling open and close, capturing your attention. Metallic weights shaped like golden tear drops move up and down in Sync while a giant bird takes flight overhead.

There is even a robot bicyclist wearing a gas mask with a glass globe for a head in which a plasma display shoots lightening like bolts that can clearly be seen. The kinetic energy in this bar is truly electrifying!

While each separate attraction in this cafe/bar is a true work of art in itself, combined they make an artistic statement that is almost comprehensible to those seeing it for the very first time. This is truly a unique art experience and even more unique bar experience for those who patronize this bar.

Some of the artistic highlights of this bar includes a giant clock with gears all moving seamlessly as the hands of the clock slowly rotate around.

« The first kinetic steampunk bar in the world »

It took the creators of this work art, Alexandru Tohotan and Zoltan Zelenyak almost two years to create their vision for this wondrous display and it is a marvel that they could put together all these moving part in such a short period of time. You can visit this bar at Cluj-Napoca luliu Maniu12 in Romania. But make sure you save plenty of time to really soak in all the sights this cafe/bar has to offer.

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Margareta Koscs 17 décembre 2019 - 21 h 01 min

Very intresting. ..,new, complex idea of moment. ….of Time


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