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The Blastolene B-702 Is An Exceptional Handmade Roadster

Steampunk Tendencies - Blastolene B-702 is An Exceptional Handmade Roadster by Blastolene Brothers

Designed and created by Blastolene Brothers, the Blastolene B-702 is a 19.5 feet long and 94 inches wide handmade roadster enthused by French cars of the 1930s. Michael Leeds and Randy Grubb used a nickel-plated chassis to construct this huge machine.

Under the hood of the Blastolene B-702 is an 11.0L GM V12 petrol engine, also famous by the name “Twin-Six”. General Motors created it for its mid-size trucks six decades back. The engine pumps out a huge 650 pounds-feet of torque at just 850 rpm.

“Although the design is obviously European, the B-702 claims to be uniquely American,” mentioned Randy Grubb. “We borrowed the beautiful French curves and the classic essence of the Bugattis and Delahayes from the 1930s. We paired them with a gigantic 11L engine. This leads to the American version of these great classics. ”

The Blastolene B-702 appeared at numerous auto shows and impressed the crowd for its finest craftsmanship. The roadster was sold during 2015 Scottsdale auction for $550,000.

h/t : Photoscar

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