Japanese Engineer Perfectly Re-Created Models From the Popular ’80s Sci-Fi Saga for His Son

by Emporio Efikz
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In the 1980s, Japanese artist and sculptor Kow Yokoyama created Maschinen Krieger. This is a science fiction universe that involved building war machines that would fight in the 29th century. Back then, Maschinen Krieger took his visual ideas from the early NASA space program and early 19th-century weaponry. All models used for the war machines’ development were pieced together using numerous kits, including aircraft, armor, motor vehicle, as well as found objects.

Recently, a Japanese engineer was able to recreate models of the space war engines for his son. Basing his works on the eighties series of awesome model kits from Nitto Japan #SF3D, the Japanese engineer created the machines for his child as a way of reliving memories of the Maschinen Krieger series. The kid is also dressed as one of the figures from the kits while holding the design models.

The Maschinen Krieger Story

Maschinen Krieger tells a story about a war fought on Earth and the Moon in the late 29th century. A nuclear WWIV rendered the Earth uninhabitable in 2807. However, the earth’s environment restored itself miraculously by 2859. This allowed colonists to return to earth to rebuild.

With this going on, the Galactic Federation sends the Strahl Democratic Republic (SDR) forces to take control of the earth and form a ruling government. The war machines were developed to help earth inhabitants fight back and resist being colonized. This will involve a brutal and murderous battle that will be fought with the help of the machines.

Other Companies Producing the Model Kits

Apart from the Japanese engineer who built the model kit for his son, there are some other companies developing the kids. These include Rainbow-Egg, Love Love Garden, Modelkasten, Futch, Brick Works, and the renowned Silicon Tribe. Although, the older, full vehicle resin kits are still available. However, the prices of these model kids are exorbitant.

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gary 29 janvier 2021 - 5 h 33 min

Actually, these kits are still being made and re-issued. Wave recently re-released the Küster 1/20 using the original Nitto molds, which is very close to model shown here!


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