PlotClock – A Steampunk Watch That Continually Writes and Erases the Current Time

by Emporio Efikz
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What do you think of a watch that can continually write and erase the current time at any given time? Well, such a watch has been in existence since 2018. Designed by Japanese-based industrial designer FRISK_P, this is a spectacular Steampunk-inspired timepiece that will amaze anyone. It is called Automaton and justifies by name by continually writing and erasing the current time.

We have seen a good number of Steampunk-inspired masterpieces from FRISK_P, and we believe this is one of his very best creations in the last few years. It is difficult to identify what specifically inspired this unique masterpiece, but it is obvious that a lot of creativity went into making it a reality. It is something to celebrate, and we will discuss it briefly right here.

Video Courtesy FRISK_P

The Design

In terms of the design, Automaton doesn’t look like your average watch. A regular person will see it as an awkwardly book bracelet that is almost impractical to wear on any occasion at all. An informed person, on the other hand, will see it as a well-made steampunk timepiece that will find its place in history and serve as a reference point for other wonderful creations.

Image Courtesy : FRISK_P

How It Works

As mentioned already, this inspiring steampunk watch works by continually writing and erasing the current time. There is an antique-looking mechanism that picks up the golden quill from the inkpot and write on the face of the watch. The face of the watch doesn’t look anything like your regular watch dial; rather, it looks more like the top of a little rectangular box with a piece of antique paper on top.

After writing the time, the mechanism also picks up the quill (with no ink this time but a form of eraser) and erase the time in gentle, steady movements that will leave the surface very clean. The mechanism then dips the quill in the inkpot and writes the new current time. This process is continuously repeated to keep track of time.

Image Courtesy : FRISK_P

The Development

To create this steampunk watch, FRISK_P, who is known for similar inventions, uses software like 3D CAD and Fusion 360 to design every part of it. To bring them into the real world, he used a 3D printer to print out the parts. The arts were masterfully assembled to look great and function perfectly.

To get the Automaton to work as it was designed to work, FRISK_P apparently used three servomotors and a microcomputer board. From the way the watch works, it is clear that these essential parts were properly sourced and are in great condition. It is expected that they will work optimally for years.

Image Courtesy : FRISK_P


Steampunk is not just advancing in the literary world but also in the world of science and designs. It may appear that the retrofuturistic inventions that define this genre are not fully practical in today’s world, but no one can authoritatively predict what will become of them in the future. This steampunk watch designed by FRISK_P looks great and works pretty fine. It is as practical as some of the best steampunk inventions we have seen in recent times, and we believe it has earned its place in the future.

Plotclock Steampunk Watch

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