This Six-wheel Steam-Powered Boattail Roadster Is A Carefully Crafted Steam Machine

by Emporio Efikz
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Today, we have an amazing six-wheeled steam-powered Boattail roadster for you, made by motorhead, Jim Belosic. Created in about four years, this steampunk uses a bare 1928 Ford Model A-frame and a two-cylinder steam engine. Apart from these parts, everything else is custom-built by Belosic.

The creator employed a 3.5-gallon boiler and two 400k-BTU burners to generate steam. The engine only generates 5 horsepower, so you can imagine how fast it can go with this much power.

The good thing is the car is street legal in Nevada, so if you plan to buy it, you can surely run it. But mind it, this is not your everyday car that can start and run with the push of a button. Its boiler needs to heat up for a good 45 minutes before it can run. And when it runs, it sips the fuel at a very fast rate; the 21-gallon reserve tank vanishes in just a 3-mile drive.

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1 comment

Bryan 30 novembre 2020 - 19 h 19 min

What’s the top speed? The zero to 20? How does it handle? Does it come with an optional Victrola for those long drives?


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