The One-Of-A-Kind Mercedes G63 AMG Steampunk Limited Edition

by Emporio Efikz
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Damian Skotnicki, the Carlex Design’s founder and automobile designer, presents us ten unique Steampunk vehicles based on the Mercedes-AMG G63. Called the G63 Steampunk Edition, with this customized SUV, Skotnicki transports us way back to when products were elaborately handmade by skilled craftsmen. He states that this SUV is “the perfect choice for collectors fascinated with the art of jewelry, hand-craft, and fantasy,” and once you see the vehicle, you’ll know exactly why.

The G63 Steampunk Edition took 5,200 hours of labour. It features a copper roof and stunning 22-inch copper-colored rims. The roof cover, although not obvious at the first look, reveals remarkable craftsmanship by expert copper makers as well as designers and jewelers who engraved steampunk motifs on the roof. What’s amazing is that each G63 Steampunk vehicle will offer a distinct relief design on the roof.

The AMG G63 Steampunk Edition boasts some neat interior features as well, such as criollo-hued, hand-ornamented leather with no hint of plastic anywhere inside the vehicle.

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Yasantha De Silva 27 mars 2023 - 15 h 14 min

Wow…A great article with images.


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