Someone Used Neural Networks To Upscale An 1896 Film To 4K 60 FPS, And The Result Is Really Stunning

by Steampunk Tendencies
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First shown in public in 1896, the film – L’arrivée du train à la Ciotat (Arrival of a Train) – produced and directed by Auguste and Louis Lumière in 1895 had, according to the legend, frightened the spectators at the sight of the train arriving towards the camera.

Reddit user Denis Shiryaev wanted to improve the visual quality of the film. Using several neural networks, he upscaled the clip to a resolution of 4K and 60 FPS. You can see the result with the video below.

Deoldify version

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Joao 6 février 2020 - 20 h 20 min Reply
Mike Gorman 8 février 2020 - 5 h 21 min

Neural networks eh? Enhanced cerebral power has profound effects! Imagine the reaction of the 1896 audiences to this – I am visualising it.

Pia Konstmann 27 février 2020 - 9 h 46 min

Nothing beats the original sequence. The restored ones look like new movies they have tried to look like an old movie, I’m too much a fan of Chaplin, Keaton, and many more to enjoy this crap.


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