Coal-Fired Steam Motorbike: A Steampunk Dream Built by Skilled Enthusiast

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Mark Sanderson is a skilled enthusiast from Carlton in North Yorkshire, UK, who has taken his passion for steam engines to a whole new level with his latest creation: a steam-powered motorcycle. Built entirely by himself over the course of five years, the motorcycle is a stunning example of Victorian engineering with a Steampunk design twist. What makes Sanderson’s motorcycle truly unique is its homemade steam engine, something that is rare to see in the world of steampunk-style motorbikes.

VIDEO : Coal Fired Steam Cycle – Unique Steam Powered Bike

According to Sanderson, the boiler of the motorcycle is a 4″ Foster design, while the engine is all homemade using parts from a small Petter diesel engine. The end result is a professional-looking motorcycle that is both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional.

The motorcycle is a brute of a machine, with a large chimney that could potentially interfere with forward visibility. However, this doesn’t seem to be a concern for Sanderson, who recently took his creation out for a test drive, proving that it’s not just a stationary engine.

Video of the Steam Bike – courtesy Mark Sanderson

The world is certainly richer for having skilled enthusiasts like Mark Sanderson who are able to bring their visions to life in such an impressive way. With his steam-powered motorcycle, Sanderson has created a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that can take its place alongside any of the other custom-made steampunk motorbikes out there.

Photos / Videos : Mark Sanderson

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Thomas Jackson 23 mai 2020 - 1 h 19 min

Fantastic creations

James Lascko 27 mai 2020 - 1 h 19 min

Beautiful!! Love the style…

James 3 juin 2020 - 15 h 41 min

Where did they get this motorcycle from or did they follow off a plan

tondeuse panasonic 1611 30 juin 2020 - 18 h 31 min

« Love is in the hair »

markm 10 mars 2023 - 21 h 00 min

Shoveling coal while riding is going to be difficult.


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