This Coal Fired Steam Bike

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Mark Sanderson is much more than just a steam engine enthusiast. He has just shared some pictures of a steam bike he built himself over the last 5 years. If you can see a lot of steampunk style motorbikes, most of them are just aesthetically pleasing. It is rarer to see one with a homemade steam engine.

The boiler is 4″ Foster design. Engine is all homemade with crank and part of cases from a small Petter diesel engine.”

While waiting to learn more we let you enjoy these few pictures and the video below.

Video of the Steam Bike – courtesy Mark Sanderson

Credits : Mark Sanderson

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Thomas Jackson 23 mai 2020 - 1 h 19 min

Fantastic creations

James Lascko 27 mai 2020 - 1 h 19 min

Beautiful!! Love the style…


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