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Super Dad built Son’s Steampunk Style Prosthetic Arm With A 3D printer He Got On Ebay

Callum Miller has been a member of our Facebook group since 2018, his son Jamie was born without a left hand and his life changed when he made him a Steampunk style prosthesis using a 3D printer.

Here’s what he told Steampunk Tendencies  « My son and i would like to share our 3d printed Steampunk Style prosthetic arm with you that we designed and printed at home together, we’ve been making prosthetic arms for around 2 years now, each arm takes around 30 to 40 hours to print and assemble and we’ve made a few versions of this one it’s his favourite arm as he loves the style.

Jamie was born with no left hand so 2 years ago we bought a 3d printer and decided to make our own prosthetic at home, and we also make them free for other kids in our spare time, these arms for other kids are provided FREE of charge so we have a gofund page for donations as all costs and time and donated by myself, my only charge for other kids is a small fee of a couple of chocolate bars as the smiles watching them use their arm to pick up something for the first time ever is priceless!!!

Being part of the E-nable community now allows me to help others and Jamie loves to raise awareness to others and has been featured on many news sources so sharing is the key here, there’ll be someone you know who could benefit from this type of thing so share aware or share the posts from my wall if you wish and every penny donated goes towards helping Jamie and other kids so i’m hoping you like this style of arm, we have some new designs coming soon including EMG sensor robotic arms using his muscles to move the fingers but please be kind in your comments as Jamie will reading them, he’d also be happy you throwing some more idea’s around.« 

Support : Jamies Gofund Page

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