A Company Swirls Loved Ones’ Ashes into Beautiful Glass Creation

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A company in Seattle named Artful Ashes helps people hold on to the ashes of their deceased loved one beautifully and uniquely by creating cremation jewelry and keepsakes. The company swirls around a tablespoon full of ashes into the glass and uses the glass blowing technique to create memorabilia of different shapes and sizes. It includes Angel Wings, Orbs, and Hearts. 

Grieving is very personal, and glass cremation jewelry created by Artful Ashes helps with the grieving process. Nothing and no one can substitute the lost loved ones, but the memories can be kept alive and fresh forever with this glass memorabilia that constitutes the ashes of loved ones. It doesn’t only come in different shapes and sizes but also different colors. The glass art pieces even come with a personally inscribed message, which can be heart-warming and thoughtful. It is one of the best ways to honor the memories of deceased loved ones. 

The glass memorabilia is made of solid glass and can be kept anywhere, starting from the office desk to the living room and from car to bedroom. Having something around that reminds of the lost loved one is a source of hope, memories, inspiration, and love in life. The glass memorabilia are beautiful and has emerged as one of the latest ways to preserve and protect the ashes of the loved one. As the glass memorabilia are only around 11 to 14 ounces in weight depending on which shape you order, they are easy to carry around as well. These glass creations are not like any other cremation jewelry in the market and are a heart-touching way to keep the loved one close, even after death.

More info: Artful Ashes

h/t: My Modern Met

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