Stunning Steampunk Style Sculptures of Pop Culture Characters From Recycled Materials

by Emporio Efikz
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Recently, Georges Ayusawa, a renowned art director in the movie industry, was commissioned by DBFX Workshop on a project to create over 25 stunning steampunk sculptures of pop culture characters. To create such pieces, he decided to go all guns firing in terms of innovation as he chose to use only the recycled materials for the project.  The artist used whatever he could find in his basement and that of his friends to create to create these sculptures that are not only stunning to look at but unique in its own way. 

Iron Man
Darth Vader
Ant Man
Optimus Prime
Mr. Incredible

Georges Ayusawa finds inspiration from everything he is surrounded by and the industry he is associated with, starting from books and movies to science fiction, monsters, bikes, and more. Steampunk sculptures that are designed for a particular location or a theme add to the aesthetic appeal of the space. It is precisely what Georges was able to achieve when he designed an array of steampunk sculptures he designed for “Cabinet de Curiosités”, a Switzerland based Steampunk bar. 

Georges Ayusawa

Photo credits : Dani Ammann

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Karen 12 janvier 2020 - 22 h 05 min

WOW!!!! How creative and beautiful

Sunny Goods Leather Works 12 janvier 2020 - 22 h 59 min

Wow ! There are some really cool things here.


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