Abyss Pub: Underwater Steampunk Bar Concept

by Emporio Efikz
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The Abyss Pub in San Giuliano Milanese, Italy is a bar dedicate to Kraken Lore. Once you walk into this bar and see the blue green ceiling above you with Kraken’s tentacles reaching across from the wall behind the bar, you feel as though you have suddenly been transported to an underwater world of sunken ships, and lost souls.

The decorators of this bar, Zoly Zelenyak & Tohotan Alexandru of  6th Sense Interiors, have worked hard to make give this bar a steampunk underwater theme that is sure to please most patrons. Shelving for this bar is provided by a series of row boats, that look to be partly buried in the sand under the sea, while the old fashioned phone booth, lights, musical instruments with gears attached, and the wine rack all gives a steampunk touch to the overall décor.

But it is the long coppery tentacles across the ceiling that really capture your attention, since they look like they are spread out waiting to capture anyone brave enough to try and return from their new underwater home and send them back to the watery depths.

Oddly enough the feeling of being deep under water is neither frightening or claustrophobic, but rather gives one the feeling that they are seeing the ocean from a whole new and quite comfortable perspective, since you and your friends can sit and have a toast or two to Kraken and underwater world.

Best of all you don’t need any oxygen tanks or scuba gear to enjoy this underwater experience all you need is a little imagination and we thirst to have a great time in this fantastic pub. However, after spending an hour or two enjoying the atmosphere of the abyss, you might find it takes a few minutes to step back into reality once you leave the pub and find yourself confront by day to day traffic.

So if you are looking to get away for a couple of hours, and want to enjoy a pub with a unique décor then the Abyss pub may be just the place you are seeking.

Website : Abyss Pub

More info: 6sense.ro | Facebook

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