Victoria Brown : Victorian Steampunk Bar in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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The Victoria Brown Bar located in the Palerno neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina is a cross between a salute to Queen Victoria, and and the speakeasy of the 1920s prohibition era. The bar itself looks like it was secretly built inside an old factory and it’s steampunk elements are unmistakable.

The walls are brick and old pipes run across the ceiling and some of the walls, and what looks like old drums serve as lamp shades. Metal elevator cages serve as dividers for some of the seating and the wooden tables and large chairs definitely have an Victorian era feeling to the bar. There are even high factory style windows providing light to the interior of the bar.

Above the bar itself is a large clock with the gears exposed providing an interesting focal point to the entire room. Even the wooden shelves in the bar are mounted on top of pipes, giving more of factory feel and steampunk look to the entire place.

The bathroom carries through the steampunk theme with exposed copper water pipes running from sink to sink and old fashioned faucets and handles attached to the pipes.

The building itself was actually once a warehouse, making this the perfect place for a steampunk themed bar, as the very building lends itself nicely to the theme and the decor.

The wall in front of the bar seems to set the tone for the entire interior decor since it is decorated with assorted gears and metal elements which gives this bar the overall steampunk look and feel. The rest of the decor, echo the steampunk elements introduced by the bar wall retaining the warehouse or factory feel of the entire place.

Visitors to Victoria Brown love the decor and state it is a great place to enjoy a modern cocktail with an old fashioned name. It’s a great place for those looking for something a bit different than the ultra modern club scene when going out for the evening.

Their Website : Victoria Brown Bar

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