Whimsical Wooden Cottages At The Feet Of Tatra Moutains In Poland

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The architecture of the 19th century « Zakopianski style » (or Witkiewicz Style) is an art style, most visible in architecture, but also found in furniture and related objects, inspired by the regional art of Poland’s highland

Inspired by this cultural heritage and the famous Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi, Sebastian Piton has created houses straight out of fairy tales.

Very early on, Sebastian Piton began woodworking with his grandfather and his uncle both carpenters. Strengthened by his family heritage and experience, during his studies he was charmed by Gaudi’s softened roof curves, balconies and fantastic fireplaces.

Here are two of his magical creations

Villa Kominiarski

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John Kantek 24 janvier 2020 - 22 h 00 min

Wonderful place , what is the address of this place as I would like to visit and have photos of the place

Karina 19 mars 2020 - 2 h 17 min

Does anyone know how we could purchase Sebastian Piton blue prints for his designs?

Andy 13 janvier 2021 - 8 h 17 min

Sebastian Pitoń – architekt
tel: 018 20 79 389

Yolanda Holly 13 janvier 2021 - 11 h 25 min

I’d like prices on building a Sebastian Pilon home.

Terry 2 février 2021 - 23 h 06 min

Would like to rent a room

JoAnn Rust 6 février 2021 - 5 h 12 min

Truly a work of art! Thanks for sharing.

Abigail 28 octobre 2021 - 23 h 58 min

Does anyone know how we can contact Sebastian Piton with regards buying blue prints for several projects?



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