Aerium, A Steampunk Aesthetic Motorcycle Runs On Compressed Air

by Emporio Efikz
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The famous custom motorbike builder, Peter Forsberg, reminds us that if you have passion and creativity to build something, nothing can stop you from succeeding. Meet Peter’s new creation, a steampunk motorcycle built from scratch that runs on compressed air.

The attention-grabbing thing about this two-wheeler is its visible mechanical components. We can see pistons, seals, valves, and pushrods through the glass tubes installed in the middle of the motorbike. Peter borrowed the crank device from an old Harley bike and intelligently framed it a piece of stainless steel pipe.   

Using this steampunk motorcycle isn’t quite fun since it has a strange steering mechanism. Moreover, you can’t speed it up and ride for more than 5 minutes because of the air tank’s limit, which the rider has to put on his/her back while riding. Peter intends to develop a side-car to carry the air tank, though.

Although it is not your everyday motorcycle, the innovative design and the amount of mechanical work done on it are what matters the most for us. Let’s go riding!

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Darren Snider 14 janvier 2020 - 2 h 19 min

Just a Thought, Liquid air……


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