Craftsman Makes Spectacular Stained Glass Octopus Chandeliers

by Emporio Efikz

Mason Parker of Mason’s Creations in Portland, Oregon has created a spectacular stained glass octopus chandelier.  This incredible chandelier measures about four feet across, and the body and arms can be lit separately or simultaneously.


Oblong Headed Style

The artist created an other fantastic octopus chandelier in grey and white tones: Oblond Headed Style.

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Bonnie kuebler 4 décembre 2019 - 22 h 45 min

I’m so loving this site.. dragons and octopus.. WOW!

MARK OWENS 5 décembre 2019 - 3 h 15 min

Unbelievable ! You are a master craftsman. Lord of Steampunk Land.

Mycah 6 décembre 2019 - 3 h 49 min

I am interested in the octopus chandelier …. how much?

Jennifer Ahrend 6 décembre 2019 - 18 h 19 min

How do I get one?

Valerie Runyan 7 décembre 2019 - 5 h 36 min

How do I purchase a octopus Chandelier??

Sue Pettay 7 décembre 2019 - 15 h 00 min

I want one! And I want to go to Portland to see these.


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