This Fantastical Dragon Bench Was Carved Using A Chainsaw

by Steampunk Tendencies
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Estonian artist Igor Loskutow is an award winning master of chainsaw art and is part of the Husqvarna chainsaw sculpture team, which travels to events across Europe in order to show off their cutting skills

Luskutow won the Huskycup World Title for his dragon bench back in 2015.

This Luskutow’s incredible dragon bench, is a masterpiece of the art form.

Some views of the process below

Another fantastical dragon bench carved from red tinged wood

More info: Official Website (German)

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benefik 27 novembre 2019 - 14 h 32 min

Superbe travail !

Christopher Bitner 18 janvier 2020 - 0 h 43 min


Tanya 23 juillet 2020 - 14 h 16 min

That is so awesome I love it

Lori 4 décembre 2019 - 3 h 46 min

How much is the small rabbit

steamtend 4 décembre 2019 - 20 h 23 min

You will find more info on her website. The link to her official website is at the bottom of the article just after the octopus pic.

William Jeremiah 17 janvier 2020 - 17 h 04 min

He looks like a ‘him’ to me and that’s a dragon, not an octopus.

TerriLynn Twigg 17 janvier 2020 - 18 h 53 min

Such talent. I’m awestruck.

Ndudaskull 16 janvier 2020 - 10 h 31 min

Nice work!

Rick Stuber 17 janvier 2020 - 8 h 20 min

It’s really great and a blessing of sorts to see such talent at work and the finished product Carrie’s a reward and a sense of another man’s makes me feel great and speechless but I must say THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK OF ARTS IS GREAT

patricia r seigler 18 janvier 2020 - 5 h 19 min

My fiance and I want one of those. Probably beyond our budget lol

Linda Munnings 18 janvier 2020 - 7 h 10 min

I would loove to know how much would he charge for that dragon bench

Shawn 18 janvier 2020 - 15 h 16 min

Do not let Dr. Doolittle anywhere near this dragon!!

Shanell Dixon 19 janvier 2020 - 3 h 58 min


Jennifer Bustamante 19 janvier 2020 - 4 h 55 min

How do i get one for my husband?

Elizabeth Porter 19 janvier 2020 - 20 h 33 min

I am seriously wanting to purchase the dragon sculpture . I went to the website and couldn’t find it . Please give me contact info thanks!!!

Budgie 20 janvier 2020 - 11 h 33 min

19 janvier 2020 – 4 h 55 min
How do i get one for my husband?

Mail them with a pic of your husband and ask if they wanna do a swap! I think they would prolly prefer cash though.Peter

sophia 20 janvier 2020 - 13 h 53 min

Love it!

Jacqueline 20 janvier 2020 - 17 h 34 min


Novell 21 janvier 2020 - 0 h 28 min

GREAT work!!! Luv it!!!! AWESUM talent!!! How much?????

Claire 22 janvier 2020 - 7 h 55 min

Wow I love one of these but can’t afford it and you do amazing work keep it up u have talent and I hope it makes you famous and your be happy and joyfull its studding you should do an art place to show off all your work

Ruby Teneyck 15 février 2020 - 2 h 07 min

its not about the money, its about the passion, the respect of all things here and fantasy


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