Russian Artist Creates Beautiful Steampunk Articulated Animals Sculptures

by Emporio Efikz
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Igor Verny creates his articulated animals with moving parts of scrap metal from bike parts, watches and clocks, old cars, electronics…etc.

The Artist, who lives in Siberia, is directly inspired by the nature. He studies it by observing the natural movements of animals to model them.

The creatures are made to be fully articulated  allowing them to be posed in all manner of realistic postures.

Here is  a glimpse of his work :


2015 - Igor Verny congrats Steampunk Tendencies for the one million followers on Google+

Find more of his wonderful creations on his page

Igor Verny is a member of our group on Facebook since 2014

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Pamelahowle 14 décembre 2019 - 22 h 34 min

This is pretty WOW

JoAnn 16 décembre 2019 - 16 h 11 min

Cardboard sculptures. Fantastic ; fully articulating parts. They appear to be the vision and work of someone who thinks like a mechanical engineer.

Jhon Paolo pangilinan 11 janvier 2020 - 1 h 07 min

Verry nice

Andrea Flock 12 janvier 2020 - 23 h 36 min

I love these artwork!

Eileen 8 février 2020 - 17 h 17 min

Were can I find pieces that are for sale?


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