Handcrafted Lights and DIY Lamp Kits Inspired by The Beauty of Nordic Seaside

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Giant Medusa Origami Lamp
Giant Medusa Origami Lamp
Mint Octopus Lantern
Giant Medusa Origami Lamp
Giant Medusa Origami Lamp
Giant Lapu Lapu Lamp
Giant Sea Turtle Origami Lamp
Jellyfish DIY gift kit

Lidiya Koloyarskaya and Vasili Popov are both Architect and Designer who live in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Sharing a passion for design timeless, elegant and durable products on a high-quality level, they created these stunning origami lamps in the shape of jellyfish, octopus, turtle and more…

We take much inspiration from the beauty of Nordic seaside. The shape of aquatic lamp shades originates from the wild nature of the sea, its great wide sounds, its noise and a rhythm. We also are inspired by bioluminescence, the extraordinary adaptation that allows certain deep-sea animals to produce and emit light. The result is the combination of 3D design and a strong touch of our intuition, handcrafted with an eye for detail.

They have a shop on Etsy where they sell their creations. Follow the links below to find out more info.

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