« Volkspod » Mini Scooters Created With The Fenders Of An Old Volkswagen Beetle

by Emporio Efikz
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With more than 21 million cars sold, the Volkswagen Beetle has undoubtedly been one of the most popular cars since the beginning of its production in 1938. Numerous artists and mechanical enthusiasts have reinterpreted its design, adding their personal touch and recreating it.

By adapting the wings of an old beetle with an engine and chassis he built, Brent Walter created two adorable little motorcycles that he called Volkspod. People could discover his invention on instagram where he regularly communicates on the progress of his project.

“The original (green) has a 79cc motor and is more for looks than it is practical. The second (blue) one has more ground clearance and a 212cc motor. It is more practical to ride around on the road,” said Brent to Bored Panda

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Matthias 27 janvier 2020 - 16 h 41 min

Where can i order or buy the Volkspod?

Nathan 12 février 2020 - 18 h 11 min

If you find out please shoot me a email thanks I’m having no luck twddad@aol

Pete 27 janvier 2020 - 18 h 25 min

That is outstanding – well done, Sir. Very well done indeed!

(Off to my workshop to get the welder out………….)

Mike Vandervelde 7 mai 2021 - 14 h 55 min

Im a huge vw lover and would love to own one of these scooters. Please let me know how much and where to buy one or two

Demp 28 janvier 2020 - 13 h 38 min

I would like to buy one!?

Patrick 28 janvier 2020 - 18 h 15 min

SO very cool!! I will find you in Insta! Would eventually like to buy one! 🙂

Martin Cleaver 29 janvier 2020 - 15 h 15 min

It’s not electric?

Dan 21 mai 2020 - 21 h 10 min

That look cool and I would buy one but nonfunctional if you have to take it apart to put gas in it.

Kurt 25 mai 2020 - 15 h 58 min

Keep me posted if this ever goes on sale @twist3d.promo@gmail.com

Sheri Salzberg 23 mai 2020 - 18 h 58 min

How can I buy one?

Shams Premji 24 mai 2020 - 0 h 27 min

looks great, are these for sale, and where and how much……

Victoria Burstow 30 mai 2020 - 0 h 04 min

How do i buy one please

Andre Swanepoel 23 août 2022 - 17 h 18 min

Outstanding. Love it. Is it possible to purchase one online from South Africa? I am really interested.


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